I Quit My Job. Without A Back-Up Plan. In The Middle Of A Pandemic.

I posted this on LinkedIn and Instagram last week, one day after quitting my job. The outpouring of support since has been incredible.

“Yesterday, I quit my job. Without a back up plan. In the middle of a pandemic. Crazy? Yes, but I decided that for once my mental well-being was far more important than climbing the corporate ladder.

While I really enjoyed most of my work, there were parts—big parts—that caused a lot of stress. My days would start with an unbearable amount of dread and end with constant frustration. The stress of it all was weighing on me—my family wasn’t getting the best version of myself and I was struggling to find any happiness at work. I’m the type of person who pours 110% of myself into anything I do, so this was not good. I knew I had to make a change.

The moment I uttered the words, “I resign” it was like a giant weight had been lifted. I physically felt lighter and I couldn’t help but smile. One of those genuine, ear-to-ear smiles.

While the timing may seem odd, I feel very empowered and know that I will find my new path.

With that being said, if you know of an opportunity you think might be a good fit, I’m all ears!


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